Mountain Biking Clinic

Learning Basic Mountain Biking Skills at the Mountain Biking Clinic at Tourne County Park – Boonton, NJ

My sons and I went to a mountain bike clinic at Tourne County Park in Boonton this past Saturday. The free clinic was given by some members of Team Bulldog and sponsored by Cycle Craft.
Team Bulldog member giving instruction at MTB clinic at Tourne County Park

We had a great time. The clinic was open to all ages but there were only a couple other kids that were my sons’ age or younger. Maybe it’s because it’s the first year of the clinic and not too many people with kids know about it yet. Otherwise, at least 30 people showed up for the mountain bike clinic.

mountain bike clinic at Tourne County Park conducted by Team Bulldog

The Team Bulldog members talked about and demonstrated some mountain biking technique such as basic mountain bike handing, gear shifting, cadence, climbing, descending, cornering and wheelies to get over logs and such. We practiced each technique before moving on to the next one. The demonstrations and practices session were held in a soft, grassy field so that no one gets hurt… and no one did.

wheelies demonstrated by Team Bulldog member

After we learned and practiced the techniques in the grassy field, it was time to try them out on the trail. The participants broke out in groups based on their own assessment of their skill and physical levels. Each Team Bulldog member led a group of 4-6 participants. My sons and I went with the intermittent group lead by Matt Majka.

Matt Majka of Team Bulldog giving last minute trail riding instructions

The trails that we were on at Tourne County Park was a lot more technical that the trails we have been riding and my sons loved it. They both want to come back to Tourne soon.

MTB trail at Tourne County Park

The ride took about 30 minutes. Along the way, Matt gave timely pointers and encouragement to my sons. Matt is a great teacher. Check out Matt’s Racing profile at Team Bulldog.

At the end of the ride, Matt told us about a mountain bike race for kids coming up in two weeks. It’s the 4th Annual Team Bulldog Kids’ Race to be held on Saturday, May 09, 2009 at Kittatinny Valley State Park, Andover, NJ.

There is one for elementary school kids (kindergarten – 5th grade) and one for middle school kids (5th grade – 8th grade).

Online registration closes on May 7, 2009.

Packing up after the mountain bike clinic at Tourne County Park

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