Marin Palisades Trail Mountain Bike Frame

2001 Marin Palisades Trail MTB Frame from eBay

I brought this used Marin Palisades Trail frame with some parts on it to build up a new used mountain bike for my younger son. I got it on eBay through an auction. This is the 10th bike or frame that I’ve purchased off eBay.

2001  Marin Palisades Trail eBay Buy

I only had one transaction where I didn’t think I had a good deal. Not that I was cheated by the seller but that I should have asked some more questions about the bike before bidding the amount that I did. But everything worked out at the end. I’ll have a post some other time about buying and selling bikes and bike parts on eBay.

The frame is a 2001 model in polished aluminum with black lettering. It is made with 7005 aluminum and is 11.5” from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the top tube. Being eight years old, the frame is in very good condition. There are no damages to the frame or any of the parts.

This is not a complete bike. Some parts are missing in the eBay auction so I’ll have to check my spare parts boxes to see what I have and what I’ll need to buy.

2001 Marin Palisades Trail Mountain Bike

Parts missing:

Fork or shock
Bottom Bracket
Cables and housings
Front wheel skewer
Handle bar grips
Wheels protective strips
Inner tubes
Hanger screw nut and bolt

Checking with Bikepedia, all the parts that came with the frame appears to be stock. If you’re thinking buying a second hand bike, this is a great site to go to check want components were originally on a bike. The site has most of the bikes going back at least ten years.

Bikepedia indicates that the 2001 Marin Palisades Trail mountain bike came in red/silver and polished.

Here is a picture of someone’s Marin. He is in the UK. He described his Marin Palisades Trail as being a 2001 model. The frame does not look exactly like the one I have but it looks the most similar.

Marin Palisades Trail 2001

That’s it for now … Catch my future posts when I document step-by-step how I put everything back on the bike. If you have never put build up a mountain bike, you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

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