Lemon Squeezer Hike Pictures

More pictures from the Lemon Squeezer hike.

checking the route to the lemon squeezer

Lemon Squeezer map kiosk at the Elk Pen parking lot at Arden New York

hiking pass island pond on the way to the Lemon squeezer

Island Pond along the trail to the Lemon Squeezer

hiking up island pond toward the lemon squeezer

Trail goes up from Island Pond toward the Lemon Squeezer

The AT and entrance to the lemon squeezer

Entrance to the Lemon Squeezer (AT Trail)

looking down the lemon squeezer from the top

Looking down the Lemon Squeezer from the top

AT beyond the lemon squeezer

Just beyond the Lemon squeezer

hiking back to car after the lemon squeezer

Hiking back toward Elk Pen parking lot after the Lemon Squeezer

hiking back to car from the lemon squeezer

hiking back to the parking lot

AT lemon squeezer

hiking back to the parking lot

lemon squeezer trial parking

parking lot from the trailhead

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