Installing a Front Suspension Fork on a Mountain Bike

Installing a Manitou Bulge FS Ti fork on the Marin Palisades Trail Mountain Bike

Manitou Bulge FS Ti fork
Received the Manitou Bulge FS Ti fork yesterday and I started working on the Marin Palisades Trail mountain bike project again. The fork weighs in at a fairly light 3.55 pounds.
Manitou Bulge FS Ti fork
The fork is used and came with a crown and a star nut already installed. The steer tube was a bit to long for the frame so I hack sawed a bit over an inch from it. I didn’t have the alignment jig to make the cut perfectly straight so I did the cut slowly to make sure that it came out straight. I did a good job and didn’t have to do too much filing except to deburr the rough edges.

After cutting the steer tube to the desired length, I took off the crown that was on the tube and installed the crown that came with the headset that I’m using. Taking off the old crown and installing the new one went smoothly and I didn’t damage the fork.

The cut was below the old, installed star nut in the steer tube. I tried to take the star nut out to reuse it because I didn’t have a spare star nut on hand. But a flange on the star nut broke when I was trying to hammer it out of the tube. So I had to order one from eBay. I should have driven the star nut further down the tube before cutting the tube to length. That may have saved the star nut. Just as well the old star nut failed when it did. Better that it failing when my son’s speeding down a single track.

I was able to install or dry fit the headset and the fork as you can see from the pictures. But without the star nut, the fork is not locked and is not safe to ride the bike at this point.
Manitou Bulge FS Ti fork

Next, I’m installing the bottom bracket on the Marin Palisades Trail while I’m waiting for the star nut to arrive.

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